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Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely Series #4)

Radiant Shadows - Melissa Marr This is the 4th book in Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series. I have read all the others and this book to me was some what different than the first three. First I want to say that I love Melissa's writing. She makes things so easy to follow. What I liked the most about this book was that the main character Ani was a very strong female. She was not afraid of much, knew what she wanted and was willing to protect what was hers. Now I have to admit that at first I found the book to be going a little slower than Melissa's first three. I believe things picked up at like Chapter 6, but I could be wrong. Anyway, once it did pick up though I could not stop reading. As soon as Ani met Devlin everything started and it was one thing after another. There was even a part that I felt Melissa wrote so well and was so easy to imagine, where they were all at the tattoo shop coming up with a plan and Bananach invades their home with her people and there is a small fight scene and I sat there with my finger in my mouth like “OMG.” LOL I also liked how Ani and Devlin described how they felt about one another and how hard Devlin tried not to care for her. Devlin was not only the Queen's brother, but also her "Hit man" and it was killing him to care so much for Ani, but at the same time such a great pleasure and new experience. Ani of course did not try to fight anything. She wanted Devlin and was pretty clear on it. And when finally having him by her side she refused to ever leave his side. She made sure he understood that where ever he went she went even if it was in battle. Some parts made me a little teary eyed just reading how Devlin felt in certain parts of the book. I had no idea where this book was heading, but the more I kept reading the more and more I loved it! The way the book ended was good to me and it left room for another great story. The one thing I did not like was (and this is a bit of a spoiler) not once did Ani and Devlin say that they loved each other. You can just tell though from the way Melissa Marr wrote the book, but still I found myself at some parts screaming in my head "TELL HER YOU LOVE HER" lol. Obviously though it was a case of knowing without saying. Don't get me started on Niall and Irial... something about those two is just too damn sexy! I like them more and more each book. Love this series and love that with every book it just gets better and better. Can’t wait for the next book it is a definite read.