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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy)

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead http://GoodChoiceReading.blogspot.comI actually finished this book a couple of days ago, but had so many mixed feelings that I said I would wait to write my review. Well here it goes...I give this book four stars. I love Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, but the only problem I've had in the past with her series is that I felt she wasted a lot of pages recapping her previous books. Well in this book she did not do a lot of recapping and started the book off with a little excitement. So I was expecting this to be a bit different and more to the point. Now don't get me wrong it was, but she had one chapter full of excitement and the next chapter slow. For me this book did not TRULY kick off until the middle and continued to be non-stop until the very end. And that was the reason for my mixed feelings. I was upset at first that it took so long to really kick off and get to the point. Maybe it was just me, but that is how I felt. Once it did kick off though I could not put the book down and kept reading and reading. When I reached the end all I could think about was how I did not want it to end. Rose and Adrian are awesome. Dimitri broke my heart in this book and I can not wait to read the next book to find out what happens. I loved the old Dimitri, but man the Strigoi Dimitri is super sexy! lolI will stop here because like a friend told me today it really is hard to talk about this book and not give away spoilers! :-) - A Good Read!