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After Dark

After Dark - Emi Gayle This was a fun read. The main character, Mac, was funny, bold, and daring. From the beginning to end there was always something happening so there really wasn’t any room for boredom. I enjoyed the plot a lot and thought it was pretty unique. I read so much that eventually a lot of the books all start to sound the same. I didn’t really get that from After Dark. I liked how the author introduces you to Mac’s world and she slowly reveals exactly how Mac’s world works, and what she truly is.The romance for me was a huge plus. Mac doesn’t fall for the jock, or super rich popular kid. She actually falls for the “geek”. Winn and Mac were perfect for each other in every way possible. It was like two magnets finally finding each other and connecting. I loved their friendship and their romance. The romance wasn’t instant and it was believable.My only complaint is that there were times that the book was so serious, and then the next it felt a little immature and fluffy. So it was sort of hard for me to take it so serious. I would say this was more a paranormal romantic comedy. I found myself laughing a lot with Mac rather than at the edge of my seat. There were some suspenseful moments and plenty of action, but then the fluffy side would come and throw me off.I recommend After Dark! It’s funny and entertaining until the very end.3.5 out of 5 Stars!