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So Close to You

So Close to You - Rachel Carter So Close To You wasn’t what I was expecting at all and it definitely took me a while to get into at first, but it turned out to be a pretty good book.For some reason I was expecting a story about the end of the world, or some kind of HUGE natural disaster. That could probably be because of the cover. I love it! It’s scary and looks almost like a tornado about to touch ground. Plus, it doesn’t help with all the tornados that have been hitting the U.S. lately.Anyway, this story is about time travel. A lot of people have been comparing it to The Time Travelers Wife, but to be completely honest, I didn’t see any similarities other than the time traveling aspect of it all.Lydia is in her senior year and cannot wait to get through it and leave her small town behind without looking back. She is sick and tired of all the rumors about Montauk Project, and all the people that supposedly have disappeared. Lydia hears the stories every day since she spends a lot of time with her grandfather, who is a big time believer of it all. Even though she doesn’t believe anything he tells her, she pretends to believe because she loves him. Montauk Project has taken over her grandfather’s life and he has wasted years trying to solve its mystery. It was actually pretty heart breaking if you ask me. One day while Lydia is out with her grandfather looking for clues that the Montauk Project is real, not only does she find out that every rumor is true, she also discovers why people have disappeared. She is thrown back to the year of 1944 and things are just wonky from the minute she arrives there.What I liked about this story was Lydia’s relationship with her grandfather and how much she values family and friendships. She would have done anything for them and I really liked this about her. I mean, there wasn’t anything that stood out to me about her character, but she was definitely likable. Also, the romance in the story didn’t give me butterflies, but it was fun to read.I also think the author did a great job explaining how traveling through time works, and the consequences of doing it. It was pretty interesting to read and easy to follow. This is definitely one of those books where you want something with a little action, romance, but not very complicated where you have to dedicate too much time lost in every chapter trying to understand it. A great read for the beach or a long car or train ride.3 out of 5 stars!