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The Predicteds

The Predicteds - Christine Seifert Could you imagine waking up one day and being told that you are predicted? That they know you will commit a crime of some sort and have violent tendencies? That is exactly what is happening to the people around Daphne. They have created a program that tells them if someone has it in them to be violent and harm others. They think that this program will help the world rid of all things evil basically.Daphne is sucked into this world and against it. She doesn't agree with this new program. Especially since the one boy who happens to hold her heart is Predicted. Everyone in this town goes completely nuts once the results are revealed. A girl is found beaten to near death and Jesse is being blamed. Since he is predicted it's not hard to believe he is guilty. Daphne doesn't want to believe that Jesse is guilty, but every little clue is all leading back to Jesse.The Predicteds was super interesting and I was so lost in Daphne's world, that I was just as confused as she was through out the book. Of course, she made a couple of dumb decisions that I wanted to reach in and strangle her, but what is a book if it doesn't bring out those kinds of emotions? I was frustrated, confused, in awe, and at the edge of my seat all in one. I was just so curious to see how everything would turn out and just who was the psycho running around town. Oh, and I can't forget the intense and crazy opening. It was a very touchy subject to write since it has happened before, and more than once around the world, but I think Christine Seifert did an excellent job writing that first chapter. You will have to read the book the find out what I was saying. But I must warn you, it's one of those moments that if it were on a TV screen you would cover your eyes and wait til it was over.I give The Predicteds 4 our of 5 stars!