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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel - Heather Terrell Ellie's life has always been the same. Nothing to out of the ordinary, except the fact that she can have visions by simply touching someone. Heading to class one day Ellie meets Michael and instantly they feel this pull to each other. Ellie can't explain it, but she tries to brush it off and pretend it wasn't real. Michael is part of the popular group and she isn't. Then Michael begins seeking Ellie out and he seems to be every where she is and even attempts talking to her. She finds it weird, but goes along with it and soon they both find out that they are meant for each other, and that they have a lot more in common than they expected. I enjoyed Fallen Angel and found it to be a very easy read. Michael and Ellie's relationship was really sweet and romantic, but I didn't think there was really anything unique about them. I don't hate any of the characters in Fallen Angel, but I don't love them either. This is good story for one of those days where you want to read something fast and simple. The pace of the story moves along pretty quickly, but isn't rushed to the point that it all seems unreal. Though, there are some parts in the book that I wish the author would have at least focused a little more on.Overall, Fallen Angel was an okay read for me, enough to keep my attention and finish the story.3.5 Stars!http://goodchoicereading.blogspot.com