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A Knight of Passion

A Knight of Passion - Ingela F. Hyatt This was my first Historical Romance and I have to say I LOVED IT!At first I was a little lost, but that is because I am not used to reading some of the words they used in those times, or the titles lol. I never thought I would read a historical romance and I am happy I did. A Knight of Passion had a little bit of everything from action, betrayal, to love and a bit of a twist. There were some parts that were very touching and I felt for the characters. Rianna and Reynard were perfect for each other. I loved Reynard's attitude and sense of humor. He was very strong minded and nothing would get in his way. Once he made up his mind there was no stopping him. Rianna was very brave and did not really show fear when it came to her enemies. Ingela gives you some really hot and steamy love scenes as well! Love it!A good read and now I think I will go add Historical Romance to my pile of books. :-)