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Unleashed - Kristopher Reisz This book was a good read. I read some other reviews where everyone was complaining that it definitely does not fall under YA novel and I can see why after reading it. I really enjoyed it, but there were some parts that left me wondering what if I had a 15 year old reading this book? But then I remembered how in this day and age teenagers talk and act the way Misty and Daniel did in the book. It's sad, but it is happening.I think that is what I liked about the book the most. It felt real and like an everyday teen going through her changes. It was easy to like the characters and feel for them.Daniel is your popular jock going away to a good school and Misty is your "hoodrat" who really does not have any plans and handles life and its challenges as they come day by day. Daniel falls for bad girl and bad girl falls for good guy. On top of all that Misty is half black and that is an issue to some. It was also a very different take on werewolves and very unique. I give this book four stars and would read part 2 if there was one. :-) A good read.