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The Pace

The Pace - Shelena Shorts This book was recommended to me by the wonder Sophie from MundieMoms and again I will say she never let's me down! This book is a great read. The story is very easy to follow and the characters are very easy to love. Wes and Sophie are amazing together and I could not help but love their relationship from the very beginning. They are perfect for each other.From reading the back cover of the book you find out that Wes is some what immortal and the only one of his kind. So I was really excited to find out exactly how and why Wes is Immortal. Well I found out that I was off by a lot. Shelena Shorts gives you a different type of story & view on being immortal. She explains it so well that it is easy to understand and follow. I've read some stories where the author would explain things and I still would not understand it. I like the way Shelena writes and with the way The Pace ended, I can not wait for part two! A Great READ! http://goodchoicereading.blogspot.com